Theis Løye Skafte defended his thesis on Lifetime Limiting Effects in Pre-Commercial Solid Oxide Cell Devices at DTU
09 MAY

Theis fights rampaging C-atoms on electrolysis cells

Theis Løye Skafte has defended his PhD project "Lifetime Limiting Effects in Pre-Commercial Solid Oxide Cell Devices" and investigated the formation of carbon on nickel...

Energy Fuel cells Electrochemistry
08 MAY

New insights in how to replace platinum with iron in fuel cells

Lijie Zhong from DTU Energy has defended her PhD thesis " Graphitic Layer Encapsulated Iron Based Non-precious Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction"

Energy Fuel cells
Inaugural of professors Poul Norby and Jens Wenzel Andreasen March 2017
04 APR

DTU Energy strengthens research in materials with two professors

Poul Norby and Jens Wenzel Andreasen were appointed Professors at DTU Energy 1 December 2016, and on Friday 31 March they gave their two inaugural lectures.

Energy Fuel cells Energy efficiency Energy storage Electrochemistry
24 MAR

General Engineering in very high demand

The General Engineering Bachelor programme, taught in English, is for the second year in a row the most sought after study at DTU.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Electrotechnology Energy Physics Chemistry
17 MAR

“When you have a good thing going, the momentum just carries you forward”

A three months guest stay at DTU Energy reminded Professor Rob Walker why he has dedicated his life to science in the first place. While at DTU, he worked and thought...

Energy Fuel cells Energy storage Electrochemistry
10 MAR

New professor at DTU Energy investigates the inner workings of batteries

Poul Norby has been appointed professor of materials research at DTU Energy. He is an expert in materials for batteries and will take part in establishing the new DTU...

Energy Energy storage Electrochemistry Energy systems
DTU Energy was part of the General Engineering presentation at DTU Open House, March 2017
03 MAR

General Engineering had people travelling from abroad to Denmark to hear more

Open House at DTU allowed thousands of potential students to learn more about DTU’s undergraduate programmes. The General Engineering Bachelor programme was high on many...

27 FEB

Expert in X-ray scattering appointed professor at DTU Energy

Jens Wenzel Andreasen has been appointed professor of materials research at DTU Energy where he will take part in building the new DTU Imaging Center.

Energy Quantum theory and atomic physics Energy efficiency Solar energy Energy production
23 FEB

Elite Research travel grant allows Dominik to learn from the best

PhD-student Dominik Franjo Dominkovic from DTU Energy has been awarded the Elite Research travel grant by the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science.

Energy Energy efficiency Energy systems Energy production Energy storage
08 FEB

New project will bring an end to foggy windows

Modern low-energy windows insulate so well that they can dew up on the outside in cold weather. Now, DTU Energy in collaboration with the Danish companies Velux and Polyteknik...


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