23 FEB

Elite Research travel grant allows Dominik to learn from the best

PhD-student Dominik Franjo Dominkovic from DTU Energy has been awarded the Elite Research travel grant by the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science.

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08 FEB

New project will bring an end to foggy windows

Modern low-energy windows insulate so well that they can dew up on the outside in cold weather. Now, DTU Energy in collaboration with the Danish companies Velux and Polyteknik...

PhD defense Rune Christensen DTU Energi
28 JAN

Rune has tipped the scale between accuracy and computing power

Rune Christensen has with his Ph.D. thesis "Error Mitigation in Computational Design of Sustainable Energy Materials" ensured that better battery types have come closer...

26 JAN

Kick-starting electrical trains using floating magnets

A novel floating magnetic flywheel will reduce peak loads on the electricity grid when the train services in Denmark become fully electrified. The flywheel and the integrated...

Electrotechnology Energy Electromagnetism Energy storage Energy efficiency
20 JAN

First Danish researcher receives data from MAX IV

Just before Christmas the first Danish researchers led by professor Jens Wenzel Andreasen from DTU Energy received data from experiments at MAX IV. The results will help...

22 DEC

Solar power now cheaper than wind power

Professor Jens Wenzel Andreasen from DTU Energy was interviewed in Danish television about the fact that  for the first time ever solar power is now cheaper than wind power...

Energy Solar energy
Thue Trofod fik forskningspris
15 DEC

Thue Trofod honored for his research in printed solar cells

Postdoc Thue Trofod from DTU Energy has received the Jorck Foundation Research Award 2016 in recognition of his dedication and good research on the latest generation...

Energy Solar energy
13 DEC

Over 26.000 citations for being pioneer in solar cells

The secret to be one of the most cited scientists on any given topic is to be one of the pioneers within an up and coming field of research. To Prof. Frederik C. Krebs...

Energy Solar energy
07 DEC

Disclosing complex mechanisms in a simple way is deemed very HOT

An article by researchers from DTU Energy has been selected as a HOT article for 2016 by the editors of the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Energy Fuel cells Electrochemistry
06 DEC

DTU sets new record with extremely low degradation rate in fuel cells

DTU Energy, the clean technology company Danish Power Systems and partners have attained the best operating stability of high temperature polymer fuel cells ever seen...

Energy Fuel cells Electrochemistry

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