Anne Hauch


Anne Hauch

Chair of the Board of Studies 



 +45 4677 5850


Mette Bybjerg Brock

Mette Bybjerg Bork 

Vice-chair of the Board of Studies   

 +45 2943 2652


Luise Theil Kuhn


Luise Theil Kuhn

Educational Coordinator and Pedagogical Coordinator for DTU Energy
Contact person for the international master education "Nordic Master in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering Solar Track"
Head of Studies for the bachelor's programme (BSc) in "General Engineering"



+45 4677 4712


Karin Vels Hansen

Coordinator for the study line Hydrogen and Fuel Cells  incl. honors program of the MSc in Sustainable Energy

 +45 4677 5796


Bitten Skaarup

Bitten Skaarup

Board of Studies coordinator

 +45 4677 4502


Eva Bundgaard

Continued professional development and training coordinator 

 +45 4677 5498