Frederik Krebs has been given grant of 8,4 mio. kroner

Friday 07 Jun 13

Grant for excellent researchers

DFF Advanced Grant allocations aim at excellent researchers at professor level who is given opportunity to pursue innovative and ambitious targets by carrying out and managing a research project over a period of 5 years.

Polymer solar cells, magnetic nanoparticles and more stable materials for catalytic converters are three areas that get even greater focus, as the Danish Council for Independent Research career program Sapere Aude has provided three grants to researchers at DTU.

One grant was awarded Professor Frederik Christian Krebs from DTU Energy Conversion, who was granted the DFF–Advanced Grant 2013 of approx. 8.4 million kroner to a research project on Sustainable production and recycling of plastic solar cells with very low energy.

Frederik Krebs was one of 7 excellent top scientists, who will now have the opportunity to manage a scientific research group at the very highest international level.

"Polymer solar cells have the potential to meet a significant part of future fossil-free energy because it can be mass produced at a low price and make a low CO2 footprint. The idea is to utilize the established Danish expertise in the field to create the necessary knowledge base for future solar cell industries”, says Frederik Krebs to DTU News.

“We focus on ink, which makes it possible to produce environmentally friendly plastic solar cells quickly and on a large scale in a single printing process. This must be done without the use of materials that have limited availability, based on water and not harmful solvents, and in addition we want to be able to recycle the materials of the solar cell in order to harvest as much energy as was used to produce it, "says Frederik Christian Krebs.

Read more about Frederik Christian Krebs at DTU's main website here and read about his project here. Both stories are in Danish.

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