What we do at DTU Energy

Our story

Have you ever tried to find the magic words to describe the essence of your place of work?

  • …to fellow scientists or technicians at a conference
  • … to a distant cousin at the family dinner
  • … to a neighbour in the elevator
  • … or when meeting your old school teacher?

A core story is the body and soul of a company or working place — it defines who you and your colleagues are, what you do and why you keep doing it. A diverse group of 15 employees of DTU Energy got together and defined a core story, the story that we think defines the essence of DTU Energy.

When you’re versed in the core story of your work place, everything you do makes more sense and is easier to talk about. So is our story!

We work at DTU Energy in Denmark where we develop new materials and components for energy conversion and storage. We are world leading within polymer solar cells and fuel cells, areas that are important for a sustainable energy future.

As an employee we feel we have a high degree of empowerment in our work. If we need help from a colleague or need to use specific equipment, we just ask. Our colleagues share our dedication and drive, and we think the reason why we are so successful with experiments is our unique working style which combines flexibility and knowledge sharing across academic disciplines.

To push the new technologies we have built outstanding test facilities for energy conversion technologies. We have the largest test center for ceramic fuel cells in the world and the most advanced roll-to-roll production line for polymer solar cells. And on top of this we also have a brand new battery lab, a test facility for magnetic refrigeration and all types of advanced electron microscopes.

We use our cutting edge equipment to combine basic science with engineering and development close to real applications and we work closely together with a large number of industry partners who are eager to implement our research into their products due to our outstanding results.

To us, this proves that the potential of our work is enormous - and by being part of all this, we help creating the foundation for a better world.

Here you can download the core story in Danish and English

Didier Blanchard, senior researcher


DTU-Energy is a ”comple-titive” place to perform Research and Teaching. We carry out competitive research on a global level, combining and developing the complementary skills of all.

Eva Ravn Nielsen, Center Manager

Eva Ravn Nielsen at the Hannover Fair 2017

I like being part of a world leading team. I have competent and dedicated colleagues who want to put the technology in practice, and we are not afraid of aiming high. I also experience a strong will here to share knowledge and help each other to success. Your success is my success.

Mads Gudik-Sørensen, development engineer

Mads Gudik-Sørensen, development engineer, DTU Energy

I love the variance of competences and cultures we represent. We are all cooperating to achieve the best results; regardless of education every contribution is vital to the end result.