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Area: København og omegn
Designer materials with artificial intel...

When scientists discovered last century how to simulate materials at the atomic scale with mathematical models using computers and predict their properties, a...

Area: København og omegn

Deadline: 30 Jun
Posted: 07 Jan
30 Jun
07 Jan
Area: København og omegn
Ginzburg-Landau modellen for høj tempera...

I superledning, inklusiv høj temperatur superledende keramikker, parrer elektronerne sig med modsat impulsmoment og spin i Cooper par. I klassiske lav temperatur...

Area: København og omegn

Deadline: 31 Dec
Posted: 06 Jan
31 Dec
06 Jan
Area: København og omegn
Combined Synthesis and application of El...

High temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HT-PEM) fuel cells are a commercial successful product for backup power and combined heating and electricity production...

Area: København og omegn

Deadline: 29 Feb
Posted: 18 Dec
29 Feb
18 Dec
Area: København og omegn
Characterisation of degradation mechanis...

Challenge: In the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector, two main factors will increase the need for batteries. Firstly, the advent...

Area: København og omegn

Deadline: 01 Dec
Posted: 25 Nov
01 Dec
25 Nov
Area: København og omegn
Modeling and feasibility study of table-...

Vibrating Sample Magnetometry (VSM) is a common technique for measuring the magnetization of samples as a function of applied field and temperature. A VSM uses...

Area: København og omegn

Deadline: 01 Jul
Posted: 14 Nov
01 Jul
14 Nov
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You can also design your own project

The Department of Energy Conversion and Storage works with education, research and development in functional materials and their use in sustainable energy technologies. We can at any time offer BSc and MSc projects within most of our research areas. 

The listed project titles are only suggestions and may normally be adjusted to the student’s project proposal, or new projects can be set up if the student has a specific interest in one of our research areas.  

The projects may be exclusively theoretical, exclusively experimental – or a combination. If you wish to learn more about the projects, you are welcome to contact the supervisors listed in the project descriptions; alternatively, you can see the department’s contact persons relating to teaching and education here.

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