Energy storage technologies in a Danish and international perspective

New whitebook on energy storage in a Danish and an international perspective

Thursday 04 Apr 19


Søren Linderoth
Head of Department, Professor
DTU Energy
+45 46 77 58 01

About the whitebook

The whitebook “Energy storage technologies in a Danish and international perspective” is written by Senior Researcher Allan Schrøder Pedersen with contributions from Rune Christensen, Arghya Bhowmik and Poul Norby from DTU Energy. A wide range of Danish experts have supplied additional inputs and comments.

The preparation of the whitebook has been supported financially by the Danish National Committee under World Energy Council.

The full text of the whitebook is available here.

A new whitebook prepared by DTU Energy maps Danish strongholds within energy storage and describes the future potential for applications and export.

Energy storage will play a decisive role for an energy system based on sustainable sources of energy. A new whitebook prepared by Senior Researcher Allan Schrøder Pedersen, DTU Energy, maps out important recent development trends for energy storage technologies in a Danish, European and world-wide context.

The report studies four important technology areas in detail: Batteries, storage of energy in chemical form using electrolysis, thermal storage, and mechanical storage. For each of the four types of energy storage a full description of the technologies is given, as well as an overview of the present technology level and the most important development trends. In addition, the whitebook identifies specific positions of strength for Danish research and industry within each area.

Finally the whitebook considers how regulations and political framework conditions may be adjusted to support the introduction of large-scale energy storage in Denmark and in Europe, and which initiatives are needed to consolidate the strong Danish position within manufacture and export of energy storage technologies.

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