The 19 Mission Innovation Champions 2019. Professor Tejs Vegge, DTU Energy, is third from left.

DTU Professor Appointed Mission Innovation Champion

Wednesday 29 May 19


Tejs Vegge
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Energy
+45 45 25 82 01

Mission Innovation

Mission Innovation (MI) was created in 2015 to accelerate the pace of clean energy innovation, with the aim of making sustainable energy technologies cheaper than fossil fuels. If the global climate changes due to human activities are to be limited to a manageable level, a coordinated and targeted effort from governments, researchers and industry is needed. Mission Innovation brings these players together in a close partnership. Member states have committed to double public support for research, development and demonstration of clean energy over a period of five years and to work closely with the private sector to bring new technologies forward.

At the annual MI Ministerial meetings politicians,business leaders and innovators meet to share ideas and best practives and to facilitate further collaboration.

Mission Innovation – a global initiative bringing together 24 countries and the EU to accelerate the development of clean energy technology – has recognized 19 exceptional researchers and innovators from as many countries as the first Mission Innovation Champions. The Danish champion is Professor Tejs Vegge from DTU Energy.

At the Mission Innovation 4th Ministerial meeting at Vancouver in May 2019, 19 Mission Innovation Champions were appointed, one from each of the participating countries. This was done to recognize and celebrate talented researchers and entrepreneurs who are accelerating the clean energy revolution. Denmark's Mission Innovation Champion is Professor Tejs Vegge, an expert in computer based methods for developing novel energy materials. In the motivation for the award Mission Innovation states that it wishes to celebrate and support individuals with a track record of progressing creative new ideas that can drive the pace and scale of the clean energy revolution.

Professor Tejs Vegge, DTU Energy, at the Mission Innovation Champions Awards Ceremony 2019Tejs Vegge's field of research focuses on ways to develop new materials for energy storage much faster. He does this by combining atomic scale materials modelling with novel methods in machine learning and experimental design. In particular, Tejs is working on materials for new high-performance battery types and on electrocatalysts for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals. In connection with his recognition as an MI Champion Tejs states: “Mission Innovation has established a unique framework for collaboration between academia, industry, funding organisations, and decision makers around the world.”

The recognition of the 19 Champions will be used by Mission Innovation to focus attention on the need for innovation to bring clean energy technologies forward. And they also hope to inspire entrepreneurs from around the world to contribute to the clean energy revolution. 

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