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Wednesday 30 Nov 16


Tejs Vegge
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Energy
+45 45 25 82 01

Frontiers of Engineering

Every year the US National Academy of Engineering organises a number of symposia for young, excellent engineers under the heading Frontiers of Engineering. There are six symposium series, of which five are international held in collaboration with Germany, Japan, India, China and EU, respectively. The programme for the EU-US symposium in Helsinki is available here.

Every other year the US National Academy of Engineering and the European Council of Academies of Applied Science, Technologies and Engineering bring together a number of young, excellent engineers from the US and the EU to foster international collaboration and exchange of ideas. This year Professor Tejs Vegge from DTU Energy participated.

The future global development is more dependent on technological solutions than ever, whether it is mitigation of global warming, new health care solutions or self-driving cars. These solutions are being developed by engineers from across the world. To encourage collaboration, exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration across traditionally separate disciplines, the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and its European counterpart European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering (Euro-CASE) organise a biennual series of international symposia under the heading EU-US Frontiers of Engineering. The participants are young, promising engineers from industry, academia and government in the US and the EU. The aim is to let the next generation of engineering leaders get to know each other and in this way help generate innovative solutions.

"It was a fantastic experience. You come home loaded with new ideas and good contacts to potential collaborators."
Professor Tejs Vegge

To ensure a very high standard of the symposia they are by invitation only, after nomination by a participating academy, e.g. the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. This year, Professor Tejs Vegge from DTU Energy was invited to the EU-US Frontiers of Engineering symposium held in Helsinki, Finland. Tejs is working on materials for conversion and storage of sustainable energy, including new types of high-capacity batteries and electrocatalysts for conversion of CO2 to liquid fuels and chemicals – one of the topics of the symposium. Even though three of the four sessions at the meeting did not address his field of study directly, he was very pleased with the outcome. The topics of the sessions were improved urban mobility, smart systems for health care diagnostics, optical communications and carbon capture and conversion of CO2 emitted from fossil sources. “I received lots of inspiration and forged new connections which I am sure will help me in my own research. One of the highlights for me was a very exciting talk by Professor Keren Bergman from Columbia University which really opened my eyes to the perspectives of using photonic integrated circuits in the communication systems of the future”, Tejs Vegge states.

The setting of the symposium was aimed at providing the maximum outcome for the participants. With only about 60 participants, everybody had a chance to interact, and you were asked to leave your laptop in the hotel to ensure full attention during all sessions. The intense 2.5 day programme covered 15 talks and presentations from all participants. In addition, the symposium included a trip to Nokia where the participants got the opportunity to try Nokia's ultrafast 5G network which is expected to be launched in 2020.

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