CEO of PeltPower Niels Lindeburg (right) exchange visit cards with a representative from Xnovo at DTU Energy's annual PhD symposium

CEO of PeltPower 'PhD symposium open up for new interesting ways of doing things'

Monday 01 Dec 14

DTU Energy held their annually PhD Symposium with industrial participation. The CEO of PeltPower, Niels Lindeburg, participated to network and because knowledge of new trends gives PeltPower a head start.

The PhD symposium of DTU Energy attracted the attention of representatives from several companies who came to network with other businesses and to hear and see the researchers of the future presenting their research.

“It is of great importance to a small company like us to participate in events like this to see what stirs at the universities”, said the guest Niels Lindeburg, CEO of PeltPower which develops products that utilize waste energy from solar collectors and industrial processes.

"We watch for new research, new technologies and new initiatives to be ready to jump onboard and maybe buy up useful patents in order to stay one step ahead our competitors"
Niels Lindeburg, CEO of PeltPower on why he attended the PhD symposium

“We watch for new research, new technologies and new initiatives to be ready to jump onboard and maybe buy up useful patents in order to stay one step ahead our competitors.”

Like other participants from industry, PeltPower already has close ties to DTU Energy as partner in one or several research projects.

The idea to start PeltPower came to Niels Lindeburg some years ago when he installed solar collectors on his house. The installation worked, but it had periods with excess heat that was not used for anything and he wanted to find a solution for that.

“I happened to find upon thermal generators, found them useful and contacted DTU and Professor Nini Pryds at DTU Energy with an idea to use the excess heat of solar collectors. He listened and since then we have been working on a project to harvest and transform the excess heat of solar collectors into electricity”, tells Niels Lindeburg, who let his business idea become reality in 2011 when he started his company.

Like other businesses in the field of thermal generators and energy technologies, PeltPower is too small for hiring a big staff. Instead of hiring expensive engineers to do four months of work on a single project and then having to let them go, the companies buy expert knowledge and test facilities when needed.

“We have a good work relation with DTU where everybody has his role. We have a practical approach to research and work closely with end-users of the products, we know their needs from an industrial viewpoint, and we have focus on the break-even point. Researchers like to research”, says Niels Lindeburg.

In his experience the researchers like to throw several balls up into the air for industry to catch, if they find the research interesting, and quite often industry ends up having other and often better uses for the research than the researchers believed possible in the beginning.

“We can see potentials and ways of using their research that the researchers may not be able to see. This is why it is so important for us to come along and see the ideas of the young researchers, the new trends.”

Niels Lindeburg participated in several PhD presentations and found all of them very interesting.

“I heard speaks of two technologies today that made me listen carefully: one about batteries that follow the trends of the time, where we have to be better at saving the energy from the sun and the wind, and another on oxide membranes. The entire industry has a great demand for oxygen, and good membranes will be useful. Also I found Stine Søndergaards speak on HT PEM fuel cells very interesting.”

From Niels Lindeburg’s point of view, he could possibly read about the technologies elsewhere, but then he wouldn’t know where to find the knowledge or indeed what he should look for.

“Attending events like this symposium opens up for new interesting knowledge, new ways of doing things”, says Niels Lindeburg.

“I found the entire day very interesting as you have really smart heads gathered at DTU, and I personally hope that you of DTU Energy never get tied up on educating too much and that you stick the fundamental research instead, as you are really good at doing that. You do invaluable research for us in industry.”




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