Prof. Tejs Vegge talked about energy sources of the future at P3

Wednesday 30 Apr 14


Tejs Vegge
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Energy
+45 45 25 82 01

Prof. Tejs Vegge from DTU Energy Conversion spoke about fossil fuels and alternative energy sources at Danish National radio, DR, P3 program Gandhi. As the radio anchor-men David Mandel and Christian Fuhlendorff said: You can't really be against renewable energy sources, just like you can't be pro-racism. But why don't we have renewable energy sources everywhere already?

Listen to Tejs Vegge talk about fossil fuels, why we have used coal and oil for generations and why it is so difficult to swap fossil fuels with renewable energy sources like fuel cells, windmills etc. 

The sound bite is in Danish, it is from DR, P3 radio-program Gandhi the 30. April. The duration is approx. 11 minutes.

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