DTU Researchers write News & Views item in Nature Materials

DTU Energy researchers in Nature Materials

Wednesday 07 Feb 18


Nini Pryds
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Energy
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Yunzhong Chen
Senior Researcher
DTU Energy
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About the paper

The commentary "2D hole gas seen" by Yunzhong Chen and Nini Pryds is published in Nature Materials (2018) and is available here (requires access): https://doi.org/10.1038/s41563-018-0025-5

DTU Energy researchers Yunzhong Chen and Nini Pryds highlight recent progress in oxide interfaces.

Nature Materials is one of the leading international journals within materials science. It contains not only research papers but also overviews putting the most exciting research progress into context. In the most recent issue of Nature Materials, Senior Researcher Yunzhong Chen and Professor Nini Pryds of DTU Energy have contributed a 'News & Views' paper on a recent finding within the field of oxide interfaces.

“Nature Materials is a very renowned journal in the field of materials science with high impact, and we are proud of being asked to do a commentary”, explains Yunzhong Chen and Nini Pryds.

The group of C.B. Eom at University of Wisconsin-Madison has together with colleagues found that a two-dimensional hole gas (a conducting layer where the charge is transported by the movement of electron holes, i.e. 'missing' electrons with an apparent positive charge) can arise in a heterostructure consisting of insulating oxides. Two-dimensional electron gases in complex oxide interfaces have been a very active field of research in recent years, but Eom's group provide the first direct evidence for the existence of hole gases in these oxides. 

As Chen and Pryds point out in their commentary, the coexistence of an electron gas and a hole gas in the same system opens entirely new possibilities. One example is novel types of superconducting states. The DTU Energy researchers are themselves well-known experts in the field of oxide materials. This is the reason they were invited to provide the readers of Nature Materials with a perspective of the new research.

“Sometimes these papers are not easily understandable to others outside the field, so in order to underline their importance and relevancy the journals invite other experts, like us, to interpret the research and put it into perspective”, says Yunzhong Chen and Nini Pryds. "Of course, this is also a recognition of our own work in the field".

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