Inaugural lectures by new professors Jens Oluf Jensen and Qingfeng Li

Wednesday 22 Apr 15


Jens Oluf Jensen
DTU Energy
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Qingfeng Li
DTU Energy
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On 1 December 2014 Jens Oluf Jensen and Qingfeng Li were appointed professors at DTU Energy. This was celebrated Friday 17 April with their inaugural lectures at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby.

The newly appointed professors Jens Oluf Jensen and Qingfeng Li both work in the section of Proton Conductors and they had divided the topic in their inauguration lectures.

Professor Jens Oluf Jensen spoke of the history and promising future of electrochemistry and fuel cells, the popularity of hydrogen cells, the role of proton conductors in general and the specific research conducted by DTU in those topics. While Professor Qingfeng Li went a bit closer and compared the fuel cells to the engines based on fossil fuel, described the ion conductivity in the electrolytes, the problems with managing the water in cars based on traditional polymer fuel cells and how protons seemingly had learned how to efficiently jump across an electrolyte by doing it the same way that Chinese drivers and cyclists masters a complicated traffic jam.

Just to mention a few of the interesting highlights.

The inauguration lectures was held in front of approx. 60 people in a fully packed auditorium at DTU Lyngby Campus and was followed by a reception.

Download the inaugural speech by Professor Qingfeng Li here

Download the inaugural lecture by Professor Jens Oluf Jensen here

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