DTU Energy's second annually PhD symposium 2014

PhD students set a high standard for the coming generations of students

Monday 01 Dec 14
DTU Energy’s second yearly PhD symposium with industry participation showed the high quality research being done within energy technologies. Professors and industrial participants were impressed.

Business cards were exchanged, new research was presented and everywhere PhD students mingled with researchers, technicians and several representatives from industry, buzzing and talking all over the area about their research subjects at DTU Energy’s second yearly PhD Symposium with industry participation.

The symposium set a high standard for the coming symposiums with 12 PhD students presenting their fine research activities orally, 25 PhD students participating with good and illustrating posters, and all of them leaving an impression of a high overall quality of the presentations.

"With the high standard of the presentations DTU Energy should have no reservations, well apart from the economic ones, in sending our PhD students to international conferences"
Jens Oluf Jensen, Assiciate Professor at DTU Energy

Associate Professor Jens Oluf Jensen was referee at one of the two tracks of oral presentations and he and his co-referee Aleksey Nikiforov found it unexpectedly difficult to choose a winner among the participants.

“We were supposed to hold each presentation against a checklist and by far the most, if not all, candidates met the criteria which didn’t make it easier to judge as we were keenly aware that a nice movie or good graphics is not always presenting the skills of the presenter him/herself”, said Jens Oluf Jensen.

In the end, Emil Bøje Lind Pedersen was chosen as best presenter of Track A with his talk on “What can we learn from tomography?”, as he not only fulfilled all the given criteria but also gave the talk in a skilled and convincing way with great enthusiasm and appeal, explained Jens Oluf Jensen.

Track B was won by Søren Lyng Ebbehøj who had the same enthusiasm and showed his intensive and deep knowledge backed by solid data in his project “Process integration of CO2 air capture and co-electrolysis for methane production”.

“We had a broad and very diverse field with many really competent PhD students. Søren Lyng Ebbehøj had a good way of presenting his data like a storyteller backed by data, but overall the difference between the students was minimal. They all did really good and had interesting and exciting topics”, said judges of track B, professors Anke Hagen and Peter Holtappels.

The same positive evaluation was given Ilona Maria Heckler for her poster presentation on “Improvement of the stability of polymers for organic solar cells by different strategies”. It showed great knowledge and good research combined with clear communication of the technology.

“With the high standard of the presentations DTU Energy should have no reservations, well apart from the economic ones, in sending our PhD students to international conferences”, said Jens Oluf Jensen.

Several industry representatives also praised the standards of the PhD students of DTU Energy.

“Attending events like this symposium opens up for new interesting knowledge, new ways of doing things, and I found this entire day very interesting as you have really smart heads gathered at DTU”, said Niels Lindeburg, CEO of PeltPower, a company within the field of thermal generators.

Read Niels Lindeburg’s statement in full here: CEO of PeltPower: “PhD Symposiums opens up for new interesting ways of doing things”



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