DTU Energy research activities


The research at DTU Energy focus on energy technologies for conversion and storage of energy. Our research span from fundamental materials investigations at the nanoscale to manufacture and test of components produced by industrially relevant processes. The research builds on strong competences within materials science, electrochemistry, synthesis, functional polymers and ceramics, thin films, modelling and characterization. These competences are pursued by the research sections of the department

Research within most, if not all, energy conversion and storage technologies requires a multidisciplinary approach. As an example, to advance electrolysis to the point necessary to enable large-scale storage of electricity, a sustained effort is needed spanning from computational materials prediction, fundamental investigations of interfaces at the nano-scale, electrochemical characterization, understanding of high temperature phase equilibria and advanced in situ characterization methods to process technology, systems design and test methodology. In recognition of this fact, the research in the department is organized in a number of tracks centred on different technologies. Each track can draw on the necessary scientific expertise from several different sections. 

Below you can read more about some of the technologies we work on: