Dennis Valbjørn Christensen

Dennis Valbjørn Christensen


Department of Energy Conversion and Storage

Technical University of Denmark


Building 310, room 236

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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17 DEC

Magnetism under pressure: Much-studied ceramic material reveals new secrets

An international team of researchers led by DTU Energy has discovered that the oxide material strontium titanate, conventionally thought to be nonmagnetic, can exhibit an intricate magnetic order when a local force is applied to it. Their findings are now published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Physics.

Materials Electronics
12 NOV

Professor Nini Pryds named supervisor of the year at DTU

At DTU's annual PhD reception, Professor Nini Pryds from DTU Energy was named PhD supervisor of the year 2018. At the same time, Dennis Christensen received a 'Young Researcher Award' for his PhD thesis.

Dennis Valbjørn Christensen at his defense of the PhD thesis
09 APR

Two heavyweights within materials research have honored Dennis with prizes

Postdoc Dennis Valbjørn Christensen from DTU Energi has received prestigious student awards from respectively the Materials Research Society and the American Physical Society. The prizes awards PhD’s showing a very high academic level and a promising career within materials research.

Energy Energy systems Quantum theory and atomic physics Magnets
04 FEB

Two wins for DTU in Venture Cup

Once again, DTU triumphs in the annual Venture Cup Idea Competition by winning in two of five categories, this time the Services and Product & Technology categories.

Metals and alloys Micro and nanotechnology Software and programming
29 JAN

Young researchers from DTU won Venture Cup with a new material for touchscreens

The young researchers Li Han and Dennis Valbjørn Christensen from DTU Energy won Venture Cup Idea Competition in the category Product & Technology with a new inexpensive material for solar panels and touchscreens.

Micro and nanotechnology Nanoparticles
03 NOV

DTU team got very close to winning EU cleantech final with new material for touchscreens

Two young researchers from DTU Energy Conversion, Li Han and Dennis Valbjørn Christensen, won the Danish finals and got close to winning the EU finals of CleanLaunchpad, Europe’s greatest cleantech business idea competition. They received excellent feedbacks on their material, which may be able to substitute the widely used but expensive...

Materials Solar energy Sensors Micro and nanotechnology
09 OCT

New material for touchscreens have the same properties, but are 150 times cheaper

Two PhD students from DTU Energy Conversion, Li Han and Dennis Valbjørn Christensen, may be able to substitute the widely used but expensive indium tin oxide (ITO) in touchscreens and solar panels with a new kind of materials having the same excellent properties, just 150 times cheaper. They are now in the EU finals of CleanLaunchpad...

Solar energy Materials Micro and nanotechnology Sensors
12 FEB

EliteForsk Award for DTU researcher

Associate Professor Mads Brandbyge from DTU Nanotech has just received one of this year's five EliteForsk Awards presented by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science to reward and draw attention to the work of some of most talented researchers in Denmark. Over the past 20 years, Mads Brandbyge has conducted research into...

Electrotechnology Wind energy
11 FEB

Dennis Valbjørn Christensen received DFF EliteForsk travel scholarship

Dennis Valbjørn Christensen from DTU Energy Conversion was one of 20 talented PhD students who were last week awarded a grant of DKK 300,000 by Education and Research Minister Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

Micro and nanotechnology Energy
Professor Nini Pryds (left) with Dean Philip Binning at the 2018 Phd reception at DTU
01 JAN