Fuel cells

Green energy systems require efficient technologies for electricity production for both stationary and transport applications which rely on renewable sources such as biomass related fuels or green fuels such as hydrogen. Fuel cells convert the chemically bound energy of a fuel directly into electricity and they therefore reach a higher electrical efficiency than traditional generators and power plants. Furthermore, fuel cell technology is modular, does not emit toxic gasses, is silent and is well suited for combined heat and power applications.

HT PEM fuel cell

DTU Energy develops high-performance and durable fuel cells, both high and low temperature versions. Our research ranges from fundamental investigations of materials and their structural and electrochemical properties to the manufacture of complete cells with industrially relevant processes. Moreover, we have extensive knowledge about advanced characterization and testing of fuel cells, including in situ diagnostics and advanced concepts such as machine learning. Sophisticated equipment allows us to measure the mechanical and microstructural properties and to aid the nanostructuring, functionalization and surface design, which determine fuel cell performance and lifetime. Experimental research and modelling go hand in hand.

DTU Energy has a long tradition for close collaboration with industry partners and research institutions all over the world, and we participate in numerous Danish and European projects on the development of fuel cell technology.


Anke Hagen

Anke Hagen Professor Department of Energy Conversion and Storage Phone: +45 46775884