About us

At the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage (DTU Energy), we focus on research and development of functional materials, components and systems, as well as on their applications as sustainable energy technologies. Another focus point is education of engineering students at all levels, ranging from BSc, MSc, PhD and lifelong learning students. We are about 250 dedicated employees.

Test rig
The video "Do we have sufficient energy?" explains why DTU Energy research in new energy technologies is important.

In the future sustainable energy systems, a large part of the energy will be supplied by fluctuating sources such as solar and wind power. This makes it critically important to be able to convert and store the energy as needed, and to do it efficiently and at the lowest costs. The technologies must in all respects be sustainable. 

It is common to all our technologies that they depend on functional materials – i.e. materials with specific electrical, magnetic, thermal, chemical or electrochemical properties. For example:

  • Electron- or ion-conducting ceramics have applications for fuel cells, electrolysis cells and batteries.
  • Functional polymers are used for membranes for electrolysis, batteries or organic solar cells.
  • Thin-film hetero-structured components can be applied for sensors, energy harvesting and storage, batteries and more.
  • Magnetic materials are utilized for magnetic heat pumps, energy harvesting and engines.

We are organized in a number of scientific sections dedicated to keeping and developing our scientific fundamental skills at a top level, and with teams to provide the best support for laboratories, project support and administration.


We have a matrix organization with technology tracks with specific focus on a number of technologies, such as electrolysis & P2X, fuel cells, batteries, thermal energy storage, carbon capture (CC), electro-mechanical convertors..

  • DTU Energy is a world-leading cross-disciplinary research department within sustainable technologies for energy conversion and storage 

  • DTU Energy is recognized for outstanding education aimed at engineering students at all levels

  • DTU Energy enables a sustainable society through innovative technology development building on fundamental insights.