Interdisciplinary collaboration is a perfect setting for involvement

Research at the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage is characterized by an open-minded atmosphere with a unique research and study environment, which the PhD-students and graduate students will all be part of.

The energy systems of the future get their energy from the sun and wind, which by nature fluctuates and is highly variable. In such a diverse and complicated research environment the researchers of the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage are forced to move on the borderline between physics and chemistry.

Why read you master at DTU Energy?

You are at the forefront of international research. You are part of the research itself and what you do matters

You get a master's degree which is in demand. It's easy to find work afterwards

You are enriched by eye-opening experiences. You open a door and find ten exciting new doors that are just waiting to be opened and explored.

"Research at DTU Energy takes place in the grey but very interesting area between chemistry, physics and nanotechnology, so we are used to work across the usual boundaries of the respective research areas," says senior scientist and chairman of the board of studies at Risø Campus, Anne Hauch.

Physicists like to put everything into formulas, but it is not always possible with research into sustainable energy technologies. Chemists are accustomed to a degree of uncertainty and the presence of impurities in the processes, yet they too find it difficult to nail the energy technologies, as they lack a model framework for everything to fit inside.

This encourages broad collaboration between the two areas of expertise, as everyone needs everybody for anything to work, which creates an open-minded atmosphere and a unique research situation for graduate students of DTU Energy to be part of.

"By doing your master’s here you have access to research environments that are inherently open to input and where input from everyone is needed, be it researchers, PhD students or graduates. You, as a graduate student, are part of a larger research unit, and the contributions of everybody are used, "says Anne Hauch.

Cooperation with industry

DTU Energy work directly with the industrial partners to find practical solutions to practical problems, and the closeness to the end-user makes sure, that what whatever research you do, it matters and the results are used for something.

Interesting Facts about DTU Energy


Department of Energy Conversion and Storage is located at the former site of Risø National Laboratory

There are 263 researchers, technicians and administrative staff from 36 countries affiliated with the department.

We are famous worldwide for research in sustainable energy technologies, which has attracted world class scientists to work here

Graduate student Theis Løye Shank has benefited from the open atmosphere, the advanced and state of the art equipment and the unimpeded access to researchers in the absolute world elite.

"You'll find no better place as a student. I mean. Sure they have laboratories in DTU Lyngby, but the microscopes are not as good and the equipment is not as advanced as here, and although I am only a graduate student, I have access to all of it as soon as I cleared the security courses. Also I have three supervisors, and you don’t get that in many other places."

Theis is one of the graduate students, who have forsaken the Friday bar and the social life with his fellow students at DTU's huge campus in Lyngby for the much smaller campus with significantly fewer fellow students at Risø Campus close to Roskilde Fjord.

All in the name of better studies and better science as there is great benefits at Risø Campus for those who think beyond the next party and think about the future.

Better guidance

"Students may have to give up a portion of the social student life by studying here, but they get a lot back. It does matter whether a supervisor supervises seven or only one graduate student, and it sure do affect the quality of the supervision, that the counselors have better time," says Anne Hauch.

Anne has seen many graduate students grow and become researchers at DTU Energy.

"When they come, they expect to have given new assignments every week. They get it, make it and return for yet another one. But during their stay, they gradually get involved in the entire process and become part of all the research crisscrossing all the usual boundaries as is custom here. And then they becomes scientists able to think and do research which is also in demand outside DTU. "

It is common knowledge, that the invaluable knowledge and the ability to collaborate across research groups and disciplines are very much in demand at big companies both within and outside Denmark.

"We make versatile engineers. Of course, they are always masters of their individual subjects, but it is also important and in demand that the engineer can collaborate with everybody, "says Anne Hauch.

Getting interested in learning more about reading the candidate at Risø Campus? Then please contact:

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Anne Hauch

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Anne Hauch

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