General Engineering had people travelling from abroad to Denmark to hear more

Friday 03 Mar 17


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32% more applicants this year

Recent numbers has General Engineering (GE) as the highest sought after bachelor programme at DTU once again, with 286 applicants to GE overall. The second most sought after bachelor was DTU software technology with 105 applicants. The 286 applicants to GE is a 32 percent increase compared to last year, and only 100 of these 286 applicants will be accepted.

Open House at DTU allowed thousands of potential students to learn more about DTU’s undergraduate programmes. The General Engineering Bachelor programme was high on many visitors’ wish list.

DTU Energy was represented at DTU Open House as part of the highly sought General Engineering Bachelor programme, taught in English and intended for both Danish and international students. The English profile attracted quite a lot of potential students. One of them was 18-year old Marcus Newman from Belgium.

“Back home I have built my own computer and while I searched the Internet to learn more about how to do it, I came across some texts from a guy from DTU”, says Marcus Newman. He was so impressed by the high level of science at DTU that he looked up what kind of bachelors DTU had to offer.

“I got interested in the General Engineering as it is taught in English and it is general, meaning that I still have a lot of freedom in what paths I want to pursue after I have started.”

Marcus Newman and his mother Marleen travelled all the way from Belgium to Lyngby to take part in the Open House and to hear more about the options, DTU has to offer.

"The study is simply awesome and so are the multicultural study-groups, where everybody helps each other"
Therese Balslev, 1st year student, General Engineering

Read more about the General Engineering Programme at DTU

Therese Balslev was one of the 1st year students explaining potential students like Marcus why studying General Engineering is the best choice ever.

“I am a Dane, but I chose General Engineering because it is really good to study in English. English is spoken all over the world and most study material is in English. And I don’t regret it. The study is simply awesome and so are the multicultural study-groups, where everybody helps each other”, says Therese, who can’t deny that studying General Engineering in English is a tough programme, but the study-groups are worth it.

“And that’s what I tell people here. That it may be tough and a bit overwhelming, but it is really worth it!”

She and her fellow students from General Engineering had many chances to deliver that message, as the stand had a lot of visitors. Most visitors were Danes, but many came from as far away as USA and Turkey to hear more about the General Engineering Programme at DTU.

No wonder that it was the most sought Programme at DTU last year. Luckily for the many interested, the Programme expands from 50 in 2016 to an intake of 100 students this year.

“It was a fantastic Open House with an overwhelming interest in our Bachelor in General Engineering”, says head of the General Engineering Programme, Luise Theil Kuhn from DTU Energy.

“Many potential students had noticed the high grade requirements for enrolment in 2016, and they were of course concerned about it but it also meant that most of the potential students already are high-level students. Many of the potential students were particularly attracted by the cross-disciplinary approach represented by the four specializations within Living Systems, Cyber Systems, Cyber Materials and Future Energy, and by the think-like-an-engineer-approach in the Design-Build courses already from first semester”.

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